Sell Bitcoins

If, apart from using Bitcoins to pay for products and services, store them in some personal wallet or transfer them between wallets, you also want to convert these Bitcoins into cash, you can do so by selling your Bitcoins and withdrawing them through our platform.

How do I sell Bitcoins?

If you want to sell your Bitcoins, the first thing you need to do is:

  1. Once you have registered in the “Wallet” > “Funds” section, choose BTC (Bitcoin) and click on “Deposit”, copy the address of your wallet, and transfer BTC to your BitInka account. If you already have BTC in your BitInka account, omit this step and continue with the next one.

  2. Select Buy/Sell and choose the cryptocurrency to sell and the currency to receive.

  3. Click on "Accept" and you’ll see your money available in the currency you selected.

If you withdraw your funds and you are not yet verified, go to "Wallet" > User Verification”, attach the documents requested, and make a withdrawal request by clicking on "Currency", locate the currency with which you made the sale and click on "Withdraw".

Now you know how to sell Bitcoins with us.

Register today and sell Bitcoins in Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Spain, Venezuela, Panamá, China or anywhere else, with the currencies that we handle.