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有关此平台功能及执行的一般问题及解答买卖比特币 和其他加密货币

BitInka is a Bitcoin exchange platform that allows the selling and purchase of Bitcoins in nine different currencies across the Americas and Europe; American Dollar, Nuevo Sol, Argentinian Peso, Boliviano, Real, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Bolivar and Euro; Hong Kong Dollar, Mexican Peso and India Rupee coming soon.

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Peru and Venezuela.

Bitkina offers an alternative route to Access the Bitcoin market from your local Latin American currency. It is quick, simple, and it has the lowest commissions in the continent.

The first thing you need to register is having a personal bank account in order to carry out operations such as deposits and withdrawals in local currency. We DO NOT bank transactions from and to bank accounts that are not under your name.

Click here and fill in the form. Once you are ready, you will receive a confirmation email. After confirming your username, you must log in and summit all required documentation to verify your identity. If the user is a company, it must file its tax information.

To verify your account and make deposits and withdrawals in FIAT currency, you must file four different documents: (1) your National Identification Document (ID) or Passport number; (2) an image of the back of your ID, if you are Venezuelan, passport, driver’s license or taxpayer identification number (RIF); (3) a selfie or a photograph of yourself holding your ID or identification number that is 100% readable, and finally (4) a bank statement or credit card statement with a verifiable address. Once you have attached these documents, your account will be verified within 72 hours.

You have a maximum of 30 days to verify your account after you first register in the website, if you miss the deadline, you will have to do the process again. If you never complete the validation process, you will not have full access to BitInka.

Yes, you can. You must first file all required documents from your current country of residency and later file all the other bank accounts you wish to add from any of the countries found in our platform. You must follow the proper validation process per bank account. Please remember that we only make transfers from and to the Registered User’s personal accounts. Therefore, you must provide either the ID or the passport number you used to open your account in the currency you wish to register.

It is very simple. Once your account has been verified, go to the “Wallet” section, choose the currency, click “deposit,” and specify how you are going to add credit to your account; transfers are the preferred method. Enter the amount you wish add, and then click in “total,” check the total amount and click “enter.” You will receive an email with the bank account information, which you must make the deposit.

You go to “funds” on the “Wallet” section. Click on “deposit in BTC” (Bitcoin). Your crypto-wallet public address will appear down the screen. You must enter in the platform from which you want to acquire Bitcoins either the QR code or the cryptocurrency address that will appear under your wallet code. The minimum amount you can deposit is 0.0001 BTC. You must wait for three confirmations to receive your BTC. Your operation might take up to 24 hrs. for confirmation.

Yes, you may look at our commission rates in appendix A in our terms and conditions.

Go to the “Wallet” section and go “security” on the left menu. Click “create” and wait for the email confirmation. You must enter an 8 digit password that includes letters and numbers. Follow the steps shown in the platform and click “save.” If you forget your password, you must create a new one.

After registering your bank account in the platform, log into your account, go to the “Funds” section, select the currency, fill in the required information and click “save”.

In order to withdraw money in local currency, you must first register your bank account in the platform. After that, head to the “Withdrawals” section, select the currency (including Bitcoins) and follow the steps.

Yes, of course. To withdraw your Bitcoins within the platform, you must first create an operation key in the “Security” section, a requirement needed to confirm your withdrawals. One you have your key, head to the “Wallet” section and select BTC currency. Click on “withdraws,” enter the amount you wish to transfer and the BTC wallet address you want to transfer. Please make sure to check that the crypto-wallet address is correct. BTC operations are final. We ARE NOT accountable for transfers made to the wrong address. Bitcoins withdrawals have a 0.15% commission over the total amount of the operation and the minimum amount is 0.0002 BTC. The maximum daily BTC withdrawals amount is 100 BTC. Confirmation might take up to 24 working hours.

The deposit crediting time in local currency goes from 24 to 72 working hours, that is, it does not include Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, after verification in the platform. To verify your deposit go to the section Wallet> Deposit> currency in which you deposit, click on "Verify", fill in the information requested, attach the voucher and click "Save". Remember that if you do not verify your deposit in a reasonable time it will suffer delays to not have the information of the banking operation.

There are minimum amounts that you can deposit or withdraw in local currency, but they depend on the currency and the country to which you want to deposit or withdraw your money. In order to read the minimum amounts, please head to appendix A, “Commissions, maximum and minimums amounts” in our Terms and Conditions.

Yes, we a list available of affiliated banks and companies in each country. Please head to appendix B in our Terms and Conditions.

In the “Wallet” section, you must go to “Funds” and click on “Deposits in BTC” (Bitcoins). You will see bellow a QR code to scan your address. You may also share the crypto-wallet address that appears under the code.

The crypto-wallet address that appears is public information. It changes due to security measures.

You will receive a confirmation email for every operations you make in your account. The same will happen if someone deposits you. You will receive an email the moment the Bitcoins are accredited into your account. Moreover, by logging in and going to the “Wallet” section you will see the accredited BTCs.

The minimum Bitcoins you can sell and purchase is 0.005 BTC.

This process might take up to 24 working hours.

Due to our security measures and other additional controls, BTC transactions may take longer than a person-to-person transfer may.

The Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, transactions carried out in this currency are made directly made between users and through our platform without any third-parties nor bureaucracy. The Bitcoin uses Blockchain technology to carry out transactions. For further information visit: https://bitcoin.org/en/faq.

The Bitcoin is the safest currency in the world thanks to Blockchain technology. Due to its cryptographic nature, every Bitcoin transaction is unique, unrepeatable, ineradicable, irreversible, and semi-anonymous.

Bitcoins have no fixed price; it varies heterogeneously according to supply and demand. It may change from country to country and exchange bureaus.

The Bitcoin can be used in all the countries of the world as long as the recipient accepts its monetary value. There is a growing number of companies and people that accept the cryptocurrency as a payment method. Such is the growth of BTC that, in certain countries, e-commerce companies and conventional stores accept the Bitcoin to make payments. There are even Bitcoin ATMs and banking terminals that allow users to make deposits and withdraw money directly from their Bitcoin wallet.

You simply need the recipient’s crypto-wallet address and pay for products and services at places where Bitcoins are accepted.

Yes, there are many other cryptocurrencies. The second most widely used cryptocurrency is Ethereum. According to their market cap, other currencies are: Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Dash, and Augur among many others.

Yes, Bitcoins can be stolen in most cases by hacking personal passwords. If you follow certain basic security measures, this can be largely avoided. By working with us and following our recommendations, your Bitcoins and transactions will be 100% safe. We suggest you always use two-factor authentication method in our platform.

All transactions are encrypted. Transactions are registered in the platform chronologically and cannot be altered, which makes them permanent. These features make Blockchain software platform “the safest in the world.”

Blockchain is the “safest network in the world.” Every transaction is encrypted and verifies by each member across the world. In order for Blockchain to cease to exist, every one of its hundreds of thousands servers must go offline. As long as a server remains, so will Blockchain.

Blockchain is not run or managed by anyone. There is no government or international agency that oversees its functioning.

You can make transactions from any financial institution that offers money transfers. You can add credit to your account from any agency with this feature. Please take into account any bank commissions plus 1% BitInka commission.

This option is only available to users with USD accounts in Peru. We only work with local currencies for the time being. We can receive international transfers in USD in Peru, but there is a 50 USD dollar commission per operation plus our 1% commission without taking into account commission rates charged by local banks.

We use email verification. Two-factor authentication, cold database backups, and we often perform internal information security audits. Furthermore, you may also generate a non-transferable PIN to confirm transactions you recognize.

Go to “Profile” on the main menu and select the “change password” option. You will receive an email to verify the request.

Our monetary transactions are 100% legal because they consist of the sell and purchase of virtual goods. There is no flight of capital, so no country’s economy is harmed. Our transactions have no influence over foreign currency restrictions.

Go to www.bitinka.com and click on “support.” Fill in the form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You may also reach us through our email address: soporte@bitinka.com.

Yes, your account can be suspended. If you fail to meet any of our Terms and Conditions your account can be suspended or terminated.

You must first contact us. You will always be notified about everything regarding your account, including sanctions and suspensions, and information about what to do next.

In case you are not able to check the notification email, log into your account or send a support ticket, do not hesitate to send your inquiries and complains at soporte@bitinka.com.